Saturday, August 22, 2009

Indian Ponies

Ash Spring

Chaco Canyon

Alamo Mountain

The spectacular ancient petroglyphs left by Puebloan peoples along the middle Rio Grande include relatively few representations of horses and their riders. It seems that the horse was not essential to the Puebloan farming culture. For interesting and accurately drawn rock art depicting horses, one has to look at the petroglyphs and pictographs left behind by the semi-nomadic cultures of the area.

In New Mexico and the adjacent southwestern states, scenes of warfare and the hunt including horses and their riders are likely to be the work of Navaho and Apache artists. The representations of the horse and rider left behind by those people are characterized by well-proportioned figures in dynamic, graceful compositions.


Julio F said...

Impressive images from artists with Stone Age technique, but artists nonetheless. How large are these?

Mike said...

The Chaco Canyon battle scene is only shown in part; I think the whole panel is 6 or eight feet wide. The other two could be covered by an 8x10 piece of paper.