Saturday, May 24, 2008

Unexplained Phenomenon

I hadn't been out of the house all day, so I decided to take a walk around the block. As I neared the corner of 11th and Mountain, I was passed by this yellow truck traveling north. I turned around to get a better look as it pulled to the curb. The driver exited and walked toward the Mexican bakery on the corner. She had long, graying hair pulled back, and she looked like someone who had traveled a lot of miles.

I snapped a few pictures of the truck and its precariously perched passengers from different angles. As I got around to the driver's side, she returned clutching a bottle of Pepsi.

"That's quite a truck", I said.

"Yes, it is", she said in a not particularly friendly tone.

As she got into the driver's seat and started to close the door, her large set of keys fell to the ground. "Hey", she said, "would you get those keys for me?"

"Sure thing", I replied bending over to retrieve them. A glimmer of a thought passed briefly through my mind about my vulnerability to getting my head whacked by a truck door.

But, no, she just thanked me and drove off.

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