Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rio Rancho B&W

I put a roll of 120 through my No.1A Pocket Kodak at the car show. This picture of a '48 Fleetline was the only one I liked of the six frames.

Shooting a 130mm lens handheld at 1/50 is really pushing the envelope. I used a cable release to cut down on camera jiggle, but one needs a solid support to get the most from this camera. I also need to take care of that leak along the bottom of the image.


jimgrey said...

It's a worthy frame. The leak's not so bad; you can easily crop the shot around it!

I dig the headlight shades (whatever they're called) on this '47 Chevy.

Mike said...

I think they're called headlight visors. I've seen them at quite a few vintage car shows, but don't recall them from my own experience on the originals.

The results from the 1A Pocket Kodak are really inspiring for me. The lens is a mid-level Kodar, but I think the images are equal to those from any of the top-tier lenses. I also like the wide format one gets from using the 120 in the 116 camera; and the artifacts along the edges add something too -- kind of like headlight visors.

robert said...

Looks like the same car as in frame 4 from yesterday? I'm liking that roof visor. Great work Mike.

jimgrey said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes a seemingly pedestrian camera can really surprise you? You're right, you got fine results from that Kodar. The greys on the Chevy are positively silky.

Norman Montifar said...

Fantastic series, Mike!

Julio F said...

You always do good work with that 1A. The sharpness and tones of that Chevy are very nice!