Sunday, February 20, 2011


The point & shoot Vivitar PN2011 is probably the commonest plastic camera to be found in thrift stores, and it is seldom priced higher than a couple bucks. The shutter speed is a fixed 1/125, the f-stop is about f/16. The 28mm, 2-element lens is very sharp. I've pointed the camera at quite a variety of subjects, and have seldom been disappointed by it. This Sunday Slideshow resulted from a visit to an old Las Cruces cemetery a few years ago.


jimgrey said...

It seems like a roll of the dice when you buy an inexpensive P&S camera. Sometimes you get a gem like this one, but more often you get a mediocre or poor performer. One thing's for sure -- people write about the good ones!

Mike said...

I've had good luck with all the Vivitar-branded models. There is a page about them on my vintage cameras web site at

jimgrey said...

Well then, if I ever come across a Wide & Slim at a junk store, I'll be sure to pick it up!

Mike said...

I'll guess you were as shocked as I to see that plastic camera going for upwards of $40 for a time on ebay. Since clones of the camera have come on the market, the price has leveled off at around $20 I think. Still ridiculous, of course.

Improbable as it seems I actually have found several Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim cameras at one of our local thrift shops. Having two already myself, I gave them away here as a dig at the ebay money-grubbers. I'll put you at the top of the list for the next one.