Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Certo Dolly Super Sport

My Dolly looks nice, but it has a peculiar feature. In the assembly of the camera at the factory, the body and the shell of the camera were put together in the reverse of the proper orientation. The result is that the shutter release is positioned such that the user's fingers get in the way of the view. I turned the shutter and lens so that the release was on the underside out of the way, but that results in the cable release socket being inaccessible behind a strut. All that aside, the Dolly is still a nice shooter. The Trioplan lens is a very sharp three-element design, and the big old Compur shutter remains sturdy and accurate.


jimgrey said...

I like the almost crosshatch pattern the wires make in the last photo. Your Dolly does a dandy job.

Mike said...

I hadn't used this particular camera in the past because of some holes in the bellows up near the lens end. I smeared some black silicone sealant over the holes and that seems to have fixed that problem.

I saw an ebay posting recently for another Dolly like mine which has the viewfinder on the wrong side. It is a fault easily missed if one is not familiar with the camera. If you should get one of these, the best solution is probably to just use a cable release to keep from getting your fingers in the way of the view.