Saturday, March 31, 2018

April Albuquerque Meet-Up

New Mexico Film Photographers are invited to share coffee and talk about any aspect of film photography.
        When: Saturday, April 7,  9:30 AM
        Where: Velvet Coffeehouse in Old Town Albuquerque
        Who:     Veteran film users and anyone looking to get started in film photography.
        I'll buy coffee for the first five people to show up.  I'll also root around in my collection to see if can come up with a classic camera to put in a free drawing.
        Sponsored by the New Mexico Film Photographers Flickr Group


astrobeck said...

This is great!@ Looking forward to it and meeting other film users!

Mike said...

I went by the coffee shop this morning at 9:30 and it looked pretty calm with only a few customers. I told the person at the counter that I really had no idea about the numbers that might show. She said she saw no problem in any case. There is a nice little outdoor area we can use also.

JR Smith said...

Wish I were closer. My photography is such a solitary affair.

Mike said...

JR,I'm seldom out making pictures with other photographers, but it is nice to have an opportunity to sit down and talk about photography. I'm hoping we will make this kind of meet-up a more or less regular thing. We'll have to find a way to lure you back to New Mexico.

Andy Pearce said...

I’ve tried this idea a few times in areas around fife, so far not with much success although you do meet people just not your target audience and occaissionaly when the odd person turns up with something digital either bought or given as a present, well it’s still photography so I do my best to help out so I hope you have more success in a larger place but certainly here on the rural east coast of Scotland film photography just like me seems to be very niche and a solitary hobby

Mike said...

It is an interesting experiment at this point. I don't know that we'll have a definitive answer about the state of film photography one way or another. I'm somewhat optimistic because the one place I know of in Albuquerque still providing film processing seems to be doing ok. I'll provide a report on the outcome of this effort after next weekend. Meanwhile, whatever the outcome of this small effort, we've still got the internet to bring together film enthusiasts as far removed as Scotland and New Mexico.

jon campo said...

Good thinking Mike, wish I lived closer than two thousand miles away. Hope it is a big hit.

djon in abq said...

Didn't notice the Old Town meeting Blogger notice till just now...seemingly "Blogger" lag problem.

Note the the Santa Fe Region Forum. It exists, but there's nothing there.

I doubt "film photographers" rely much on labs...they process their own or, assuming C41, Costco.

For a couple of years I've participated in a small United Kingdom inkjet B&W print exchange along with an ABQ friend, an Oakland CA friend, two from NZ and one from Edinburgh. That's our idea of "United Kingdom" :-)

Don't know if we're open to more participants but send a note and we can meet if you'd like.

Mike said...

It is a bit of a challenge to get out the word about meet-ups. I posted announcements of the April Albuquerque Meet-Up on several Flickr groups and at Rangefinder Forum, along with the posting on my own blog. The problem with posting on the groups and forums is that there is often so many competing postings that the announcements fall off the screen soon after they appear and it becomes very hard to find them. I bumped the postings several times to bring them back into visibility, and I did get some responses at rangefinderforum. I did a post in the blog section of photrio about the meet-up and another person did a post elsewhere on that site also, but there were no responses from those postings. The Photrio/APUG site seems like kind of a mess to me at this point and I'm not inclined to spend much energy trying to deal with it.

I am putting together a mailing list for announcements about upcoming Meet-Ups. If you send me your email address I will be happy to include you in all future announcements about the meet-ups (there will be one shortly). I'll also post on my blog about the meet-ups and will put announcements in the groups and forums as well for what that is worth.

I do all my own C-41 processing at home. It is really no more difficult than b&w processing and it is a whole lot cheaper. However, I do know a lot of film photographers who prefer the convenience of having someone take care of their processing for them. Picture Perfect is the only local place in Albuquerque that I know that still does processing. I am told they are doing quite well with the business.

Kodachromeguy said...

Mike, how was the turnout? I wish I lived closer than western Mississippi, and I would have joined your group. I admire how many cameras you manage to test; I barely have time to use the few in my current collection. Cheers from Vicksburg.

Mike said...

We had a really nice meeting. There were just eight of us, which was ok as the coffee shop might not have handled more. I've chosen a place for the next meeting with more capacity, and am expecting a good turnout. It is a challenge to find local film photographers as everyone has different ways of interacting with the web. I'm hoping more people will make use of the New Mexico Film Photographers Flickr group as that would really simplify communications. I would encourage people in other communities to undertake similar meet-ups. I think there really is a lot of new interest in doing film photography, but it is pretty dispersed and unorganized.

djon in abq said...

Here's another Albuquerque resource. I've not checked it yet, but may want to depending on the kind of resources I'll need for something I anticipate.

I'm not nto "cameras" or "film," I'm into photography...which means "digital" for almost all of the photographers I've met in Albuquerque. Santa Fe couldn't even support its last remaining E6 lab, which tells an important story.

"meet up" isn't a totally generic term, it specifically means for literally thousands of people in Albuquerque. There are at least 1000 who hike our area, hundreds who specifically hike the Sandias, and they all pack cameras.

IMO establishing a proper Meetup with and making the subject "photography", rather than "film" and "cameras" would attract more photographers. v

People establish or join Meetups specifically to learn, be active or otherwise get out of the house, and meet others with similar interests.

Mike said...

New Mexico Film Photographers now meet on the first Sunday each month at 9:30 AM at Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters, 202 Bryn Mawr Dr SE, Albuquerque.