Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Felica Morning

I have been getting out early to catch some of the nice morning light.  I think my little Felica would rather sleep in.   The Felica has two shutter settings and two aperture selections.  To use the larger f-stop you need to guess the focus accurately.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes not.  The simple  lens at the wider f-stop still provides sharp focus at the selected focal distance, but the three position scale is not much help in achieving the necessary precision.  The Felica is still a fun little shooter, though.  If I get ambitious, maybe I'll try to subdivide that focus scale.


JR Smith said...

It's a positive thing when photography gets us out and about, no matter what the creative results are.

For me, a quest for interesting subjects to photograph rekindled a dormant interest in hiking and long, late afternoon, magic hour walks on the beach.

The late Leica photographer Tom Abrahamsson once told me "One roll is a good walk. Two rolls is a great walk!"

Mike said...

I knew a fellow in Las Cruces who was a photographer and a biophysicist. He was very dismissive of my habit of waling around with my camera and snapping pictures of whatever I came across that interested me. He obviously was very disciplined in his approach to work and play both, and any random activity seemed to him to evidence a disordered mind. I did not try to argue with him about the issue. However, it does seem to me that quite a few well known photographers have permitted themselves to rather randomly explore life's possibilities.

James Harr said...

William Eggleston comes to mind. Most of my photos are 'wandering around' in nature as well. I almost always have a camera in hand and I have taken some shots I really like walking from my car to the door. I like these of yours too Mike. The light is definitely working for you.

Mike said...

To be fair to the guy, he was actually more a painter than a photographer, so his point of view fit with his artistic objectives. Still, I think those of us who walk around snapping pictures are just doing what photography has permitted since its inception. We are able to capture all the details of a scene instantaneously. Of course, one can also take a methodical, painterly approach to making photographs, but it is a matter of choice and not an imperative.