Saturday, May 10, 2014

time travellers

I picked up this Zeiss Ikon Contessa 35 recently on eBay.  No one was bidding on it, apparently because the light meter was inoperative.  I ended up getting it for $21, which seemed pretty astounding to me.

We stopped by the New Mexico Museum of Natural History to view an exhibit of cyanotypes with samples from the collection as the subject matter.  The two preparators below gave us a nice over-view of their current projects.  She was working on the vertebrae of a giant sloth about twenty thousand years old.  He was slowly revealing the jaw of a small dinosaur from northern New Mexico with an age of about two-hundred-seventy million years.

Our lunch at a near-by diner was briefly interrupted by godzilla, but we were not in the mood to share.

I came across this giant of the bosque the next day during a walk near the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

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Jim said...

Quite a nice lens there. I really like the shot of the tree -- lots of good detail.