Sunday, February 23, 2014

Too many people, not enough cats.

I spend quite a bit of time looking at my own pictures and rearranging how they are presented in different venues.  Since most of my photo efforts involve making pictures with old film cameras, I often organize images according to which of my cameras they are made with.  I've done that with my image stream at Flickr too, but also have recently composed some additional image sets organized by subjects. Here are the lead pictures from each thematic group linked to each of the sets:





When Flickr limited free accounts to 200 uploaded photos, I decided I would use that limit as a way to exercise some self-discipline in what I displayed of my work -- hopefully showing only my best pictures.  Now that there are no imposed limits, I have relaxed my selection criteria a bit.

People have assembled groups of photographs for a long time in many different ways.  Albums and scrapbooks were the media of choice up to about twenty years ago.  Computers and networks have facilitated storage and display, as well as allowing the reshuffling of image collections in nearly infinite ways.  The process is responsible for much of the enjoyment I get from my own image collection.  I also feel it helps me to evaluate my photographic effort and sometimes to see it in new ways.

(title contributed by Richard)

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Julio F said...

Nice reorganization. I like the balloon series very much.