Monday, February 10, 2014


I shot a roll of TMAX 400 in my Dolly Super-Sport after doing a little work on the shutter recently.  It may need a little more tuning still, but this is close enough to show some of the nice characteristics of the three-element F2.8 Trioplan lens.  

I was surprised and pleased to find some TMAX developer recently at the local Camera and Darkroom store just off Menaul in Albuquerque. The bottle showed an expiration date of Feb. 2014; I opened it to process this roll.  HC-110 and TMAX have always been my preferred developers for this film, but both have been discontinued.  The film may remain available for some time, but I doubt that I'll find either of those excellent Kodak developers again.


Jim said...

I've read conflicting reports about whether HC-110 is discontinued or not. But I do hear that Kodak just repackaged it and changed its part number. I do find that B&H photo stocks it today, though it is available only in its store. Freestyle appears to be shipping it.

Mike said...

I saw the Freestyle listing, but it was more than I am willing to pay. There may be quite a bit of surplus left yet, though probably not in local outlets for long. I'm not real worried about the situation. There are alternative films and chemicals. Also, it is a good excuse to get serious about experimenting with caffenol, which can produce quite nice results.