Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finetta IV D

The Finetta is a simple, but full featured 35mm camera. While the name may sound vaguely Italian, the camera was made in Germany in about 1950 at the Finetta Werk in Goslar. Features of the camera include a bakelite body with fabric or leather covering, an f:4/43mm Finetar lens with stops to f22, shutter speeds from 1/25 to 1/100 plus "B", double-exposure prevention, combined shutter cocking and film advance, flash synch, and frame counter. The leaf shutter under the front plate has a construction similar to many old box cameras and early folders with sliding levers and a lobed cam.

A manual for the Finetta IVD is available on line at CJ's Classic Cameras.


Michael G. Manoukian said...

Would you happen to know how to change the film in a Finetta Super?

I found my father's old camera and I can't remove the film.


Mike M

Mike said...

I'm no Finetta expert, having run one roll of film through the older model that I have. I'll just have to hazard a guess that your problem is in freeing the advance mechanism so that the film can be rewound into the film cassette. In my Finetta, that is done by gently lifting the advance knob and turning it very slightly counterclockwise so that the knob remains in a slightly elevated position. At that point, the advance spool is free to travel in the reverse direction, allowing the film to be wound back into the cassette.

Mike said...

After reading your question again, I'm not sure if your problem is just getting the camera open.

On my camera, there is a large knob on the bottom-center for opening the camera. Oddly, the knob needs to be rotated clockwise to allow the back to be slid down and off. When the back is put back on, you rotate the knob counter-clockwise to lock the back. So, on mine "A" marks open, and "Z" marks close or lock.

Frances Rhodes-Darwin said...

Thanks, Mike! I never would have figured that out on my own! I can only rotate the knob one full circle before it goes down again. Does that mean there isn't any film in it? (I'm not sure if there is...)

Mike said...

The Finetta is an odd duck which I haven't worked with in quite a while. To rewind the film after completing the roll you need to lift the advance knob and turn it just a couple degrees in a clockwise direction to keep it elevated. Then, you are able to turn the rewind knob to get the film back into the cassette. During this procedure you should not touch the advance knob as doing so will cause it to drop down again and lock the winding spindle. The rewind process works the same whether or not there is film in the camera, though you should be able to feel some resistance in the rewinding if there is film present. It is easier to see how the rewind process works if you have the back off the camera.

Mike said...

I will add a link to the camera's manual to this post.