Friday, February 12, 2010

Argus C3

I got my first Argus C3 in about 1958 when the camera still had eight years left in its amazing production run, which started in 1939. Mine was used when I bought it, and I selected it like most other C3 owners because it fit my budget as a recent highschool grad. It also conveyed something of the glamorous aura of 35mm photography at the time when Life Magazine was still the preeminent purveyor of images. People today call it "The Brick" for good reason, but the C3 was one of the boldest and most successful designs in camera history.

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Julio F said...

Nice article about the Brick. I gor mine from a friend in the U.S. since they are not common here. Shutter was stuck, but easy to fix. The lens is quite respectable.