Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I went to the nearby botanical gardens this morning with a newly installed pinhole with a 0.150 mm aperture. That is a little small from my focal length of around 35 mm, but it seems a bit sharper to me than the recommended 0.220 mm aperture. I do need to blacken the back side of the pinhole disk as I got a narrow, arcing flare in a couple frames. The sunny scene exposure at 100 ISO with this f-stop is two seconds.


Julio F said...

I like that palm (?) closeup and the last one, with those reflections in the water (had never seen reflections in a pinhole photo).

Mike said...

That's an artichoke close-up in the demonstration garden. I liked that the best of the roll, but can't say I'm very happy with the Acros/Rodinal combo. I seem to be doing better on subsequent attempts with hc-110. I think that pinholle performed pretty well. It is one I bought on ebay that is micro-drilled in stainless.