Friday, January 02, 2009

Tortoise Wrangler

A very wide-angle lens is one that is not often chosen for making portraits. For informal street portraiture, however, the 22mm lens on the little Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim camera seems to work. Aside from delivering a surprisingly sharp image, the ultra-wide lens also enforces an appropriate level of engagement with the subject. A few more pictures from the same roll of film shot in March of 2008 are on the web site.

The Date Conundrum (read for extra credit)

Starting at the beginning of the present Century it seems most people got habituated to referring to the name of the period as "Two Thousand" as in "Two Thousand One". As the millennium grinds on, however, I'm reminded that back in the last Century the convention was to talk about years in the upcoming one as "Twenty" something -- it had kind of a futuristic ring to it, as in the hit song from 1969, In the Year 2525. The thing is that this alternate naming form doesn't really work until the end of the first decade when you can talk about the year, Twenty Ten. Before that you've got to insert an "Oh" to avoid confusion. Still, it may be wise to get in some practice, so I'm going to try Twenty-Oh-Nine for a while.

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