Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Urban Wildlife

A recent post at Duke City Fix celebrated the many opportunities to observe wildlife within the confines of Albuquerque's city limits. We were happily surprised soon after arriving here to find that to be true. Our most unsual wildlife sighting to date has been the five-foot gopher snake we saw crawling along the narrow space between our house and our neighbor's. The mantis sightings are pretty common throughout the summer. Raccoons are not an unusual sight in many urban areas, but finding one during the morning rush hour a couple blocks from the city center was a surprise for me. I seldom go to the riverbank bosque without seeing sharpshin and Coopers hawks, and of course there are always some spectacular water birds around as well. We've seen just one porcupine there so far, but heard of many other encounters. Margaret also recently spotted a coyote near the bike path that runs beside I-40 near Rio Grande Blvd.

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