Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Bilora Bella

I've always liked the sporty style of the Bilora Bella.  Since I have a good supply of 127 film available now, it seemed like a good excuse to indulge my interest, and I found one easily on ebay for twelve dollars and shipping.  The Bella line of cameras made in Germany from the mid-1950s to the mid-'60s included models that used 120, 127 and 35mm film formats.  My 3c model produces an image measuring 4x6.5cm on 127 film.  There are two apertures, probably f8 and f11, and a self-cocking shutter with speeds of 1/50, 1/100 and B.  The lens can be focused by estimation from 3.5 feet to infinity.

I did a poor job of loading the film in the camera and managed to fog several of the frames, but the ones toward the end of the roll of eight exposures were ok.  I don't think the lens is coated, but it seems about as sharp as that on other simple cameras and the choice of apertures, shutter speeds and full focusing does offer a bit more versatility than the average box camera.


JR Smith said...

You always seem to come up with a camera I have never heard of and then you go out and make some fine photographs with it. That's why I love this blog!

Mike said...

So many cameras, so little time.

James Harr said...

I shot a 120 Bilora (can't remember the model now) once in a "mail the same camera around the world and let people shoot a roll" sort of thing. I wasn't enamored with it or my results, but I do like yours. I imagine the vignette happens on the wider aperture. Sometimes it's nice to have that option. Good job keeping the 127 alive!

Mike said...

It is a very well made camera considering its rather modest features.