Saturday, October 29, 2016

Resurrection: K1000

I was sent a Pentax K1000 to evaluate for use by a photographer new to film photography.  The camera had a working shutter and a lens that could be cleaned up, but the the meter and the frame counter were inoperative.  It could make pictures, but seemed a poor choice to start with.  So, I sent off my own K1000 kit to the new user and kept the slightly lame camera.

The meter on the old camera looked like a lost cause, but I was able to clean up the lens.  The frame counter also proved to be an easy fix.  I shot a test roll of Fuji 200.

This Pentax does not have as sharp a focus screen as I remember in my other one.  The rubber cover on the focus ring is a bit loose.  Two frames in my test roll showed a severe light leak.  So, there is still some work that could be done on the camera.  I'm not sure I'll get around to that, but at least I got some pictures that will keep the camera from going in the blue recycle bin out back.


Jim Grey said...

What a kindness to send your working K1000 to the budding film photographer. Too bad your "new" K1000's meter is toast, but you got wonderful color from it, the 50/2, and the Fuji 200. I just love the Pentax-M 50/2.

JR Smith said...

It's always nice when an old camera can be rescued. In all my time, I think I have only had to commit one camera to the recycle bin--an eBay Spotmatic beyond any reasonable repair.

Mike said...

My old Spotmatic has a winder that doesn't snap back the way it used to, but the camera otherwise seems sound. I have a pretty good kit of lenses for it, so would likely get it repaired or replaced if something else went wrong. I do have a couple old Spotmatics with non-working meters that would probably make pictures in a pinch. One of them - a gift from a friend - contributed a nice SMC normal lens to my kit to replace the Thorium-tinted one that came on mine when I got it in San Francisco about 1970.

James Harr said...

The K1000 is such a classic and one of the 'friendliest' 35mm cameras I own. Lightweight, fast to shoot (with or without a working meter if you are shooting film with good tolerance), a great selection of good glass and about as cheap as they come. Very good of you to send off a better shooter to your friend since you obviously can make even the 'lame' one turn out very nice photos.

Mike said...

Thanks, James. The K1000 really is a nice shooter. I have small quibbles such as the lack of a meter switch and no dof preview. However, if it was my only camera I'm sure I could still be a happy photographer.

Mike said...

Hey, James

I clicked your name in the comments and went to your Google pages. You are doing some neat stuff with old cameras. Also, I see we have some interesting convergences. Boris is great. We had two great greyhounds when we lived in the desert down south. We also spent some quality time in Cheney while Margaret got her Master's at Eastern.