Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Marigold Special

The little Kodak Flash Bantam represents one of the all-time high points in camera design.  The designers took the best aspects of 50 years of small camera experience and combined them with the 828 roll film format to produce a camera of unparalleled compactness and full-featured quality.

To shoot the Day of the Dead Marigold Parade in Albuquerque, I loaded a strip of 35mm Tri-X into the Bantam by taping the film ends onto the little 828 reels.  The frame-counting window was covered with black tape, and some black paper behind the pressure plate also helped to keep the window light-tight.  I rated the film at 200 ASA for development in Ilfosol 3.  The Tri-X is not as forgiving of exposure errors as TMAX, but it can produce very nice sharpness and tonalities when you get it right.


Jim said...

What delightful images from your Flash Bantam! I would have thought these were more Spotmatic shots if you hadn't mentioned it.

Keith said...

I've bought two of these since I read your first comments on it. They seem easy to get in very good condition. Just a wonderful example of miniaturization from the folder era. Same size and weight as my Olympus E-Pl5.

Julio F said...

Awesome little camera. My experience with Tri-X and TMAX is the opposite of yours, I find Tri-X the forgiving one.

Mike said...

My consistent good luck with TMAX was probably due in a large part to combining it with either TMAX or HC-110 developer. Now that neither are now available, I need to find another combination that has that kind of reliability.