Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Some cold northern air slipped south into New Mexico and brought snow to most of the state. Albuquerque was hardly touched, but the Sandia mountains to the east showed us what it looks like. I walked about a mile up the Pino Trail into the Wilderness area. There were only a couple inches of snow near the trailhead, but I got into some foot-deep drifts further on, and the only tracks on the trail were bunnies and coyotes.

The Diomatic shutter on my No.1 Kodak Series III performed well in spite of the cold. I'm still getting a few negative scratches from the beat-up frame mask, but nothing photoshop can't handle easily.


robert said...

The winter scenery looks inviting in your photos and to think it' still two weeks until the first day of Winter.

Mike said...

I'm afraid you are right. Last year, the coldest days came in late February. Right now, the weather is warming and the remnants of the snow are vanishing. There really aren't many days here when you cannot enjoy being outdoors.

Jim said...

Such crisp detail!

Julio F said...

Another series of excellent results from your No. 1! My favorite is the first one.