Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Picture

Margaret wanted to send along a picture of the grandchildren with her yearly holiday letter. I scanned a copy of a recently-made studio portrait she liked, but I found that nobody local currently sells ink cartridges for my old Epson Stylus Photo R2400. So, I bought the ones I needed on line. Mostly, the printing went ok, but a couple prints got big dollops of extra ink, producing this interesting effect. Some additional texturing was added by Richard the cat when he walked over the still-wet print the next day.


Jim said...

Looks a bit like an impressionist painting!

robert said...

Looks like Richard could have a gallery show if he wants.

Mike said...

Richard is primarily a performance artist.

Anonymous said...

killed aperture ( spoiled petals aperture) from agfa standard and do not know how to disassemble the camera, that would fix the shutter... please tell me how you your shot?? in advance thank you very much

Edward Ломовцев

Mike said...

I have no experience with the Agfa Standard; I think they may be much more often found in Europe than here in the U.S. A Google search turns up quite a few sites with illustrations of the camera. Perhaps if you contact one of the authors of those sites, you will be able to obtain some information on shutter repair. It will likely help if you can show a picture of your camera as there were a number of different models with a variety of lenses and shutters.