Thursday, September 29, 2011

Albuquerque Texture

My little Kodak Retina I deserves a lot more attention than I have given it over the years it has been in my collection. The camera's compactness and reliability make it a great travel companion, and the Ektar lens always yields images of startling clarity.


jimgrey said...

I like the Patio Escondido shot the best. The colors of those ... whatever they are, strung out there like laundry ... and the shadows they cast are fascinating.

You're making me want to get out my Retina Ia and shoot it again.

Julio F said...

Beautiful abstracts, and the Patio Escondido is one of those one wants to hang on the wall. The Retinas are very capable instruments when used in front of a good eye.

Mike said...

The colored banners over the entry are traditional Mexican papel picado designs, though I think these are actually plastic replicas. The craft may have been brought to Mexico from the Far East during the Spanish colonial period. A closer view of some actual paper ones is on my site page devoted to the FED 3, another of my cameras that I need to spend more time with. (

ascu75 aka Don said...

Love all those bolts you gotsome good textures