Sunday, March 13, 2011


This Sunday Slideshow comes in two parts: one black & white, and one in color. These two groups of picture represent just about all the shooting I've done with the Retina IIc.


jimgrey said...

I really enjoyed the automobile shots, but then again, I'm a car nut.

Mike said...

I'm looking forward to exercising my old cameras at the upcoming Albuquerque Art Museum Car Show in May.

Norman Montifar said...

Love the color shots, Mike.
These remind to use my Retina IIA again.

Mike said...

I actually prefer the older IIa as a shooter because of its compactness and handling. The f2.8 Xenon on the IIc is really a fine lens, however.

Julio F said...

The Cadillacs under the rain gave beautiful textures. I also like the cactuses. That lens gives very impressive sharpness and tones.

I was very fond of the Xenon lens in an older II model. These are very serious little folders.