Thursday, March 31, 2011

The New House

New to us and newly renovated, the house was built about 1923. The museums and the Plaza Vieja are just a short walk away.

We got blinds installed yesterday, so Margaret no longer needs a sun hat to read her email.

Richard assumed command on arrival. The other two cats had a rougher transition.

The house is pretty small and there's no outside storage, so the bikes are back in the livingroom.

The Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd across the street are a quiet bunch. I wonder which one owns the spiffy red sports car in the parking lot.

The historic Henry Mann house to our south has some great landscaping, but no tenant at present. We're hoping someone friendly rents the place so we can get a look inside.

I think the house on the other corner belongs to the same owner as the Mann house; she's a local jewler who now lives in a concrete castle down near the rail station.

We're currently sharing a flock of pigeons with our neighbor to the north. I've been discouraging them from roosting at our place with a liberal application of chicken wire.

The cats are digital. All the rest are shot with a Zorki 2-C and a collapsible FED 50 on TMAX 100, developed in HC-110.


Norman Montifar said...

Congratulations on your new castle!

Mike said...

Mi casa es tu casa.

Julio F said...

Congratulations on your new house, Mike! The shot of Margaret with hat and shadow is terrific B&W.

robert said...

Nice photos,Richard certainly looks settled in. I believe little brother "Fonzie" owns the spiffy red number!

Andrea Ingram said...

Looks like a fine place to live