Sunday, June 23, 2024

Twin-Lens at the River

 I took my Yashica-Mat twin-lens reflex to the river to make a few more pictures of the Yerba Mansa in bloom.  There are still abundant flowers, but many are starting to turn red now as their seeds mature.


It was nice to get back to shooting with my Yashica-Mat, which has a very sharp lens and a bright viewing screen.

I have not made a lot of pictures with this TLR, but I am motivated to do more with it now since I have acquired  a No.2 close-up accessory lens, which allows focusing as close as 14 inches.

With the accessory lens the Yashica-Mat still does not have the focal range of the Mamiya C330, but the viewing lens requires no adjustment for parallax and there is no need to adjust exposure as is the case when the C330's bellows is extended.


Kodachromeguy said...

Nice. To me, these pictures look like medium format versus a smaller film size. There appears to be more pictures detail and information (not just "sharpness").

JR Smith said...

I really like the tonal range and textures in the first image. I have been very tempted over the years to pick up one of these Yashica TLRs. They've gotten pricey lately.

Mike said...

Medium format does always seem to produce images with a kind of unique solidity. I think the Yashica-Mat is a good choice for the format. The viewfinder is quite bright, the lens is excellent and the camera is quite light weight for its size. I have found that an accessory grip helps quite a bit to steady the camera. Also nice that it provides very good quality pictures at a price considerably below the Rollei.