Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Fomapan 400 Revisited

 I wasn't happy with some images on Fomapan 400 shot recently with my 1A Pocket Special and put them aside.  I started playing around with them again in Photoshop this evening and discovered that some rather radical adjustments to contrast, highlights and shadows revealed that there was quite a lot of useful detail available in the negatives.

The adjustments to the images got me a lot closer to what I want from my black and white medium format pictures in regard to sharpness and tonal range.  I'm thinking now that I need to take a close look at my Silverfast settings when I do the initial scans of the Fomapan 400 negatives.

The 116 to 120 adapters from the Film Photography Project look like they are going to make using 120 film in the 1A Pocket Special a lot more practical.  I also spent some time today in getting a better handle on advancing the film blindly since the red window is not of any use.  It seems that if I am careful in the advance process I could get as many as seven frames from a roll of 120.


Jim Grey said...

I find that I need to do heavy adjustments to contrast in Ps with both Fomapan 200 and 400 to resolve a very flat look these films yield right off the scanner.

Mike said...

Yes, it could be the issue is more with the capabilities of the flatbed scanner than with the film. I suspect that scanning with a digital camera would be a lot more efficient, but that is not likely something I'll get to experience in this lifetime.