Sunday, July 09, 2017

Live and Learn

A morning walk took me past the three museums that are within a few minutes of our home near Albuquerque's Old Town.  The resulting pictures from the Argus Model M with a roll of hand-spooled Konica 160 seemed of poorer quality than I got from an earlier effort using some Kentmere black and white.  The main problem, though, was that I had great difficulty in seeing the framing numbers through the camera's small green windows on the camera back.  The result of that was that I got ony half the number of frames the film strip should have delivered.  I gave the expired film about three stops more than it was originally rated for, but another stop or two could have been allowed.  If I shoot this combination again, I'll also have to make a better effort to get the framing numerals properly aligned to the location of the windows.

I have loaded the remaining roll of Konica 160 in my Kodak Flash Bantam and am expecting somewhat more satisfactory results.  The fine little Bantam has an excellent lens, a generous view through the flip-up finder, and a rear framing window that is considerably bigger and brighter than the Model M Argus.

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