Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Alternate Realities

When I placed an order recently with B&H Photovideo for some Tri-X I added in a couple rolls of Arista Edu 400.  I loaded the 120 format Arista Edu in my Yashica-Mat and took a couple morning walks around town.  The resultant images seemed a little grainier than Tri-X, and I was not able to get the combination from it I expect from Tri-X in regard to contrast and subtle tonalities.  Still, the results weren't bad, and I don't think the differences I am perceiving probably count for much.

I processed the film with Kodak HC-110-B as I would for Tri-X.  However, that is likely not the optimal developer for the Arista Edu 400.  On top of that, there are the usual variables of scanning and post processing which can make a big difference in the final images.  I also noticed that there was quite a difference in the appearance of the images displayed on my old XP machine, and on the monitor attached to my newer Windows 7 computer.  Much of this could be sorted out if the ultimate objective was a print on paper.  It seems, however, that digital image displays are always going to be a moving target.

Mural by Virgil Ortiz


Jim Grey said...

You manage to get at least good contrast and tonality no matter what camera and film you use!

I connected my laptop to my big TV over the weekend to show family some photos from our recent trip to Ireland. It struck me that this was much like the slideshows I used to sit through when I was a kid, with the Carousel aimed at the wall. It turns out this mid-line Samsung TV is a great TV but a terrible computer monitor. Everything was too bright and I couldn't adjust it enough to compensate. A lot of the subtleties of my shots were lost.

Mike said...

I've had fairly good results using one of the little chromecast widgets which connects the pc to the tv via wifi. However, I'm not sure if it is the connection method or just the the tv handling the picture well.

Jim Grey said...

I've both Chromecasted and done a direct HDMI connection to much the same result.

JR Smith said...

I've been trying to settle into using just one black and white film, rather than bopping around all of the time. Problem is, sometimes I like Acros and sometimes I like Tmax and then I'll get good results from Ultrafine or something else. So I dunno.