Monday, July 18, 2016

Species Thought Extinct Found in London

The Guardian has a piece today about recent inductees to the photo agency, Magnum.  One is Matt Stuart, a London street photographer.  Here is a snippet of the "About" page on his web site:


How long have you been shooting on the street? 20 years.

What film camera do you use? I use a Leica MP with a 35mm f2 Leica Summicron lens

What film do you use? Fuji Superia 200/400

How many rolls of film do you use a week? At least three rolls a day. I never leave the house without my camera...


Jim Grey said...

Fuji 200! I love it!

JR Smith said...

I try not to leave the house without a camera. Try.

David Murray said...

It’s interesting that so many street photographers favour not only the small and discreet Leica M series cameras, but also pair them with a 35mm lens. Apart from the digitals, the dimensions of this chaps Leica will be the same as the M3, introduced in 1954. Of course other focal lengths have been used: Henri Cartier-Bresson a 50mm, Gary Winogrand a 28mm lens for a long time, he had two M4 bodies, each with a 28mm lens and viewfinder on. Me? I like my 1935 Leica 111, a Nazi Leica as it was made during the Nazi period of 1933-45. I have a 3.5cm F3.5 Summaron lens on it but still use the 50mm viewfinder of the camera. I’ve made a wrist strap out of a bit of cord from the handles of a carrier bag. In use, it’s wound on, lens and shutter speed set according to conditions and the set up fits neatly in my hand, down by my side. My technique is to saunter along and when I see my shot, up to my eye, click and back down again. I don’t stop and I carry on walking. Few, if any, have noticed what I’ve just done. No problems with police, ‘concerned members of the public - “he might be working for terrorists” ‘.

Mike said...

I would enjoy seeing some of your street work, David. Post a link so that we can get to it.