Friday, November 07, 2014


I'm enjoying doing some color work with some of my old cameras which have not seen color before, at least since I have owned them.  The big 6x9 negatives from the Kodak Monitor 620 have a nice tonal solidity and resolution thanks in a large part to the camera's excellent 4-element Kodak Anastigmat Special lens.

I'm also happy with the performance of the cheap lomography color negative film and the Unicolor processing kit.  This is the twelfth roll in the same chemistry and I don't see any degradation at this point, so I'll try a couple more rolls to see what happens.

I've got three more rolls of 120 color which I'll likely devote to a couple of my favorite box cameras.  Also have three 35mm rolls of 100-speed lomography which I got mainly for use in my little p&s ultra-wide, but I may feed one roll to a Bantam RF which is in the mail.

The ELF 3-wheeler is a solar/pedal hybrid that came out of a successful Kickstarter project a year ago.  I'm looking forward to learning more about it.

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Jim Grey said...

You're getting great color with this film/processing combo. It's exciting to see these results.