Friday, October 17, 2014


Our first house in Albuquerque had a big back yard and several resident feral cats.  Two of the females produced litters within about six months after we moved in.  We got the three adults fixed with the help of the local free spay program, and we found homes for eight of the nine kittens.

This calico was the last kitten to be caught and was a little shy, with the result that no one wanted to adopt her.  So, she went with us when we moved a couple blocks closer to Old Town.

These pictures were made with my Olympus mju.  Like all of the Maitani-designed cameras, it is very compact and has the great Olympus optics.  It is also one of the most versatile shooters of the line, with the capacity to focus automatically down to 14 inches.

This is the eighth role of color film I have processed with the one-liter Unicolor kit I got from Freestyle.  The chemicals seem to be holding up well to re-use, and it looks like I will make it to the promised dozen rolls.


Lilianna Elrod said...

Awww, lovely girl!

I adore the Mju and mju II

Maitani cameras are unique.

Mike said...

I see on your web site that we have some similar tastes in old cameras and feline subjects. Thanks for stopping by.