Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day Trip

We took a Sunday drive along the Rio Guadalupe in the Santa Fe National Forest north of Albuquerque.

The narrow road originally was built for a railroad to haul logs down to the the big mill that was located near where we live.  The Gilman tunnels had to be cut to allow passage through the narrowest part of the canyon.

The fast-flowing stream joins the Jemez River about ten miles south of Jemez Springs.

About a hundred yards north of the tunnel we found this rock climber testing her skills on the sheer face of the canyon.

There were some pitons and carabiners in place on the wall.  She looped her rope through them as she ascended.  Her partner belayed her from below and was able to stop a fall about half way up.

I was generally pleased with the performance of the Contessa 35 with its Tessar lens.  The rangefinder is very accurate, but the tinted finder is a little dim in low light.

When I got home I took the top off the camera and cleaned the optics.  That didn't improve the brightness much, but opening up the camera did give me the chance to appreciate the extraordinary quality of the workmanship that Zeiss put into this compact 35.  By following Mike Elek's fine instructions I was also able to get the lightmeter working.

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Jim said...

Delightful. I recognized the Fuji 200 color signature before I scrolled all the way down to your tags to confirm your film choice.