Sunday, March 16, 2014

Exercising the Mamiya C330

I've been carrying around the C330 and trying it in a variety of settings.  The hand-grip is a big help in keeping my fingers from inadvertently changing the settings.  The Porroflex finder allows simultaneously achieving sharp focus and composing the image without flipping back and forth between the waist-level finder and the flip up focusing magnifier.

Some subjects, like the wine glasses, because of their placement simply would not be within reach without the eye-level finder.

The one thing I haven't tackled with the camera that I need to get to is portraits.  I'll look for an opportunity to try that soon.


Jim said...

You can get mighty close with the C330 I see! Nice work overall and I look forward to seeing more from your C330.

Julio F said...

Those trees in the fog are great. Good job with that heavy camera.

Mike said...

The accessories have helped me improve my attitude toward the camera, but I still haven't gotten the quality work from it that I know it can deliver. One thing that has kept me going is the example of the color shots that Wayne O'Neill has gotten from the C330 (