Wednesday, January 15, 2014

C-41 B&W

Digging around in my refrigerator bin for film, I found a roll of Kodak B&W 400, a C-41 film that is processed in the same chemistry as color negative film.  I shot the roll in my Kodak Retina lla and took it along with the color roll from my Vito II to Picture Perfect.

Railrunner -- Santa Fe to Belen

Albuquerque Station

Explora -- the Albuquerque Science Museum

Tiguex Park and the NM Museum of Natural History

I used to shoot a lot of this stuff as it was cheap, nearly grainless and wide-latitude.  You can still get it on line, but the cheapest I've seen is $6.50 per roll at B&H Photo Video.  Add in shipping and processing, and you're looking at fifteen bucks for a roll of negs -- more than I'm willing to spend these days.  It does make some nice pictures, though.

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Jim said...

You do nice work with the BW400CN. Too bad the price has jacked up so high.

I'm searching for a go-to b/w film that's not $6 a roll, an analogue to Fuji 200 -- a good enough color film. Been playing with Ilford Delta 400 and have some Kentmere 100 in the fridge. Tried Arista Premium 400 last year and it was fine but grainy like Tri-X. I think I like the lower-grain b/w films for routine shooting.