Friday, August 05, 2011

One Subject, Four Cameras

I photographed this fine little sculpture-fountain at the Botanic Garden yesterday. It is a subject I have photographed on other occasions with at least three other cameras.

Argoflex Forty

The boy with a swan became a popular subject for artists midway through the 19th Century. There are sculptures and fountains with this theme in many cities around the world.

Kodak Recomar 18

The inspiration for all the works of art on this theme was most certainly a depiction of a boy with a goose by the Greek sculptor, Boethus, dating from about 160BC.

Olympus 35RC

The fountain in Albuquerque's Botanic Garden appears to be a bronze casting, possibly from the early Twentieth Century.

Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim

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Julio F said...

A nice subject and a nice series. It works well in B&W, and the use of selective DOF with the Argoflex was a good idea.