Tuesday, January 19, 2010

instant flirtation

A few years ago when we still lived in our home in the desert of southern New Mexico I bought several old polaroid cameras for about a buck each at the local Goodwill. My purpose was to use pieces of the mirrors in the cameras to restore the small reflex viewers in some of my old cameras. I think that, at the time, the Polaroid Corporation was about to go belly-up, and film packs were being offered at somewhat reduced prices. So, I picked up a pack and shot it around the house. I wasn't comfortable with the inexactitude of the process of making photos with the simple cameras, and the price was still too high. Looking at the images now, though, I rather like them and wish I could have talked myself into doing a few more.


cameratakesphotos said...

those clouds are amazing! really makes me miss the desert landscape.

Mike said...

You are wearing down my resolve not to revisit the Polaroid world with the fine work you are showing on your blog. The series on Yosemite is outstanding and shouldn't be missed by any instant film fans.

Donyet said...

Wow, those are rich colors. You really made that polaroid process shine.