Wednesday, October 21, 2009

blue and yellow

The camera used to make these photos was the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim. I got my first one on ebay for $10. The next two cost 99 cents each at a local thrift store. The price of the camera soared when production was stopped for a time. Even though production has now resumed, people are still paying $30 to $40 for the camera. The construction of the camera is pretty flimsy, though it is light-tight. The 22mm lens is extraordinary, being a two element design that is very sharp, with little distortion for an ultra wide-angle.


cameratakesphotos said...

Beautiful colors! I am going to have to pick one of those up for myself one of these days!

Mike said...

I gave away the last 99-cent one I found because I decided I didn't need more than two, and I liked the opportunity to undercut the ebay price gougers. I'll put you first on the list for the next thrift store find.

Julio F said...

well done, Mike. Those little VUSW are really special cameras!

I like that lonely yellow firemen's water connection. It seems to be waiting for its dog.