Saturday, May 16, 2009


A picture of some of the geeky clutter on the door that serves me as a desk. Although I am partial to old cameras and mostly shoot film, I don't do anything with messy chemicals beyond processing black & white film. From there, the film gets scanned in my Epson Perfection 2450, and further massaged in Photoshop. The large flat screen monitor is connected to my Dell Dimension 4700 desktop computer.

The little Dell Latitude CS laptop with the Hokusai wallpaper is a recent addition. I picked up three of them for about a hundred bucks, and reassembled the components into two good-working machines. My daughter got the one running Windows 2000. I bought a 4 gig drive for the other and installed Puppy Linux on it. It is pretty peppy for a ten-year-old machine, and I plan to take it with me on our next road trip. I still need to acquire a wireless networking card, and also a card reader so that I can edit my photos in Gimp while on the run.

The wallpaper displayed on the two screens is also a new step for me. I've always been a minimalist in the past when it comes to what gets displayed when my computers boot up, but I seem now to have taken a turn toward the decorative. I'm thinking I may post a selection of my photographs properly sized for wallpaper and make them available for downloading.

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