Friday, February 06, 2009

another go

I've been shooting my little Russian Leica-copy again, the Fed-1g.

I had put the camera aside because of some poor results. Thinking it over, I decided there were a lot of variables beyond the camera in making images. In fact, it turned out that my results were mostly from poor film processing technique and a bad 35mm film scanner. I put a new roll of TMAX 100 film in the camera, then changed to tried-and-true chemistry: Rodinal at 1:50 dilution. The Scan-Dual IV scanner went in the trash. The resultant images look pretty good to my eye; of course, much of that is due to the extraordinary Elmar-copy Fed lens.

There is one remaining issue with the camera. It looks like the tension on one of the shutter curtains is not quite right. The negatives show about a millimeter-wide stripe at one end of the negative. I think I'm going to ignore that for now. The camera is a joy to use.

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robert said...

Those photos came out really well.Especially the cat portrait.I'm really enjoying looking through your site.