Friday, January 19, 2007

We really didn't have a winter last year, and it has been about five years since we've seen near to this amount of snow. It is still snowing at the moment, but what is on the ground is already melting. The quail didn't show up for their daily handout until around noon.
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Shutter to Think said...

I remember the first trip to ABQ, we ended up down in Los Lunas visiting Krista's grandparents. Her brother and I were on the back stoop, smoking and trash-talking. It had been snowing all day; everyone shocked that it was snowing to begin with.

The desert was crawling with those quail. I thought they were some sort of exotic gamebird. "Nah, just quail."

I never even stopped to think that the Bobwhite quail I grew up with and hunted were NOT the only quail in the world. Pretty birds, your NM variety. Wonder how good they taste.