Friday, October 14, 2011

Another year, another litter

This is the fifth litter in five years for the snow leopards.


jimgrey said...

I'm partial to the middle photo. You captured a great moment.

Julio F said...

Beautiful light in the last one, on the two small cubs.

Mike said...

The Pentax and a long lens is my only option if I want to keep the enclosure fence sufficiently out of focus in this situation. That works out pretty well most of the time, but low light is a challenge. I am usually shooting then at f4 or wider, and that means there is only 3 or 4 inches of sharpness on either side of the point of focus. Since my longest lens is a 135mm I have to resort to a 2x telextender, meaning I also lose a couple stops in the process. An actual 270-300mm lens would get me adequate DOF, so I'm keeping my eyes open for something in that range. I'd also be interested in a zoom, but they seem to be a little scarce in a price range I can live with.

Julio F said...

Hmm. Those doublers are no good, you are doing magic!

Consider a 300mm in M42, at about f5.6 aperture. They are not expensive and should be a good tool for these shots.