Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mesa Prieta

I took a walk this morning near the southern end of the 17-mile escarpment west of Albuquerque that makes up the Petroglyph National Monument.

The camera was a Contaflex I. The shutter only worked about half the time, so when I got home I disassembled the thing and cleaned the shutter. I've done this about twenty times now. In spite of the problems, it is still a great favorite. I bought another recently in about the same condition, so I'll have more opportunities to learn about repairing this model.


Julio F said...

Impressive. I wonder what happened in these places and what the petroglyphs meant to the Indian artist. A good capture, I guess in very harsh light.

I've often been tempted by Contaflexes, but so far have been able to resist.

Mike said...

I'm a fan of compact cameras and Tessars, so the Contaflex is a logical choice. I would be happier if it weren't so hard to keep going, though. The up side is that the construction is super sturdy, and it is able to withstand my assaults with dignity.